November 19, 2010

three-bullet book review

Three-Bullet Book Review: Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks (1999)

  • combines several of war literature's sub-genres: action, romance, espionage, trauma
  • a subplot that bravely follows two little boys into the Holocaust left me sobbing
  • subtle exploration of the relationship between the English and the French


Be forewarned that war literature was my primary academic thing and remains an area of immense personal and intellectual interest. That said, this is a very good read that anyone interested in war novels and/or spy novels could enjoy.


  1. Apparently this novel was made into a movie, which I haven't seen. The film stars Cate Blanchett, though, so it may be worth a watch.

  2. He's got a book about WWI as well I believe -- even more down the KB alley. I haven't read either but this makes me want to add it to the pile. I'm trying to do a bit more reading "for fun" so I'll check this out -- though fun doesn't quite seem like the right word here.

    Not sure where you landed on the ol' Atwood & Munro argument, but I just read Oryx & Crake and The Year of the Flood and really enjoyed them. Next stop? Sarah Waters. Feel free to alert the media about this important bit of information.

  3. The WW1 book you're thinking of is Birdsong, which is excellent. That and this are parts one and three of a trilogy, though I haven't yet read the second one (The Girl at the Lion D'or). I actually did WW2 lit in undergrad and my MA, so really it's just a long war-filled alley.

    Atwood and Munro: I love the both. I really liked Oryx & Crake but haven't yet read The Year of the Flood. Maybe that's my next one.

    Which Sarah Waters are you reading? I love her.

    (20th c. BritLit party in the comments! Woot!)

  4. I will check this out. I am currently novel-less. I'm adding it to my public library que. (I read and enjoyed Never Let Me Go, and then Remains of the Day, based on your recs)

  5. I hate being novel-less. Rad, I hope you enjoy this one!

  6. I remember the movie - the book sounds really good.