September 28, 2010

three-bullet book review

Three-Bullet Book Review: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

(as recommended by E-Jo)

  • Ishiguro builds suspense with astounding grace
  • writing like glass: smooth, lucid, beautiful, shattering
  • may keep you up at night, both in the I-must-finish-this-book way and the I-find-this-disturbing way


OH MAUDE YES. Go get this right now. Go get this and start reading it tonight. Read it before you see the movie, before anyone tells you anything about the movie. READ IT NOW.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it. Did Tommy and Kathy at the end slay you like they did me? I was re-reading it pre-teaching when returning from Boston last year and I had to stop reading as I was afraid I'd start crying in public. Which would have been awful. Even the trailer for the film makes me a little teary. And, as you know, I'm hardly a super emotional type.

    Also, extra-awesome points for the use of "oh maude yes."

  2. 'Love the phrase "writing like glass." But I'm saving this painful book for later, despite the now two recommendations from excellent readers.

  3. @E-Jo: I absolutely loved it and will be handing out copies on streetcorners. Yes, Kathy and Tommy made me cry, and I still have the book on my nightstand because I'm not ready to be apart from it. Apart as in across the room on a shelf.

    @A-Dubs: It's painful but incredibly beautiful. It may make you have a feeling, though, so waiting may be wise. In the meantime: Sookie Stackhouse novels?

  4. Damn, I already know the spoiler of the movie (thank you, thoughtless critic).

    However, it sounds like a good book for my book club...

  5. @Sheila: Boo on that critic! It could be a great book club book, though.