July 30, 2012

three-bullet book review

The Time In Between by David Bergen (2006)

  • emphasizes that visiting a place does not mean you know that place
  • beautifully explores the unmappable spaces of grief and loss
  • combines intellectual inquiry (memory, trauma, mourning) with lush, tactile description (a typhoon, fresh bread, thin wrists)

Yes. Despite dealing with painful subjects (war and death), The Time in Between is a smooth, fluid read. It hits all the notes: family, love, sex, travel, war, politics. It's a solid summer holiday book, if you want something lovely but not fluffy, though be forewarned that this book is full of moisture and will make you crave Vietnamese food. Best read in a dry climate or with help from an air conditioner, somewhere with easy striking distance of pho, bun and strong coffee.


  1. Coolio. Though, perhaps given my excess of humidity here, I should probably hold off on this for a drier month...

    1. Let's just say it was perfect for Southeast Alberta.

  2. Hey look, you inspired me! http://memoryandvisuality.blogspot.com/2012/08/ann-patchetts-state-of-wonder-brief.html