February 14, 2011

three-bullet book review

Three-Bullet Book Review: The Last Crossing by Guy Vanderhaeghe (2002)

  • Good writing, but sloooowwwwww pace.
  • Thoughtful portrayal of Canadian Native and Metis cultures as distinct entities rather than as foils for Anglo-European culture.
  • Rape and murder of teenage girl as plot device: overplayed.
Not really. This sat on my shelf for years before I got to it for good reason, it seems. If you're particularly keen on the 19th century West this may be right up your alley, but it wasn't my cup of tea.


  1. Also: Happy Valentine's Day, if you like that sort of thing. Otherwise, Happy Monday.

  2. K.--how are you celebrating? And thanks for steering me clear of this particularly book. I have been reading Bowling Alone, sociology by Robert Putnam and just started Cruddy by Lynda Barry. The second one looks to be great fun.

  3. @Terri: Normal day plus chocolate. E and I got F some chocolate, and he came home with a fruit-topped chocolate tart. I've heard about Putnam's book; how is it?

  4. Great review! I like a review that steers me away from a slow story. Incidentally, I feel your boot pain. I tried on those 7 for all Mankind boots the other day in a size too small, so desperate I was to own them. Verdict: you couldn't go hiking in them or even walk comfortably for any great distance, even if they were the right size. I love the Frye boots though ...

  5. @Baxter: Thanks for taking one for the team on those boots. I knew they were impossible, but part of me longs to be able to ignore foot pain.