August 26, 2010

three-bullet book review

Three-Bullet Book Review: The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters (2009)

  • well-rendered classic Gothic: big fancy house in decay, family secrets, paranormal vs. psychological, mounting tension and creepiness as book progresses
  • socio-cultural analysis of changes in the British class structure immediately following the Second World War
  • surprising lack of lesbians
Definitely. Strong contemporary rendering of an old genre, very well written, hard to put down.


  1. I'm in total agreement -- this book is fab. However, I read it earlier this summer and can't really remember much of the specifics of it. If you're looking for a similar book and haven't read Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, that's one to try.

  2. I adore Ishiguro and haven't read that one, so it's on the list! Thanks, E-Jo!

  3. Ohmigod. Drop everything and read it. It is SO good. I love Remains of the Day but I think this one's better.

  4. Obviously, the last bullet makes the review that much better.

  5. Excellent news. And seriously? No lesbians whatsoever?

  6. @E-Jo: Better? Wow. Must get that book immediately.
    @Rad: I should add that bullet to every applicable review.
    @A-Dubs: Seriously, no lesbians whatsoever. Well, maybe one very very closeted one. Even that is surprising from Waters.